Create something great!

Welcome to BigRed//Hacks Spring!

Join your fellow Cornellians for this weekend of fun and creativity. We can't wait to see what you'll create! Below you will find our event schedule:


Friday, April 27:
  • 4:00pm - Registration Begins
  • 5:00pm - Opening Ceremony with Dean Greg Morrisett
  • 6:00pm - Hacking commences
  • 7:00pm - Dinner
  • 9:30pm - Cornell Hacking Club's Capture The Flag Challenge Introduction
  • 11:30pm - Microsoft Azure Basics Workshop
Saturday, April 28
  • 1:00am - Cup Stacking featuring Insomnia Cookies
  • 9:00am - Breakfast
  • 2:00pm - Hacking ends - Judging begins - Lunch
  • 3:30pm - BigRed//Hacks HQ trivia
  • 4:00pm - Awards Ceremony Begins
  • 5:00pm - Awards Ceremony Ends

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Submission must be an original piece of software, where a significant portion of the code and functionality was designed and written by the team members. 

A significant part of the submission must be created inside of the 20 hour hackathon window, and any external code, images, or content must be equally available to all participants, licensed with permission to use, appropriately attributed, and follow all applicable laws. 

Submissions must follow all applicable laws, may not promote copyright infringement, and may not be obscene or made with the purpose to marginalize or offend any group of people.

How to enter

Register online here!


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Johanna Smith-Palliser

Johanna Smith-Palliser

Max Chu

Leslie Huang

Leslie Huang

AJ Henderson

Daniel Li

Danny Yang

Danny Yang

Annie Cheng

Annie Cheng

Judging Criteria

  • Fairness
    Did you cheat? No? Awesome.
  • Creativity
    Is the idea original and unique, or just a copy of something that already exists?
  • Technical Difficulty
    How difficult was the project to build? Of the technologies used, were they used well?
  • A E S T H E T I C S
    Does the project look put together and complete? How is the user experience?
  • Potential
    Could you see this project being used in the future beyond the hackathon, or is it just a one-time deal?